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Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen Hints & Cheats

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Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen Hints & Cheats

Post by tybo10000 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:54 pm

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Hints & Cheats

Cheat 1- Use Nintendo wifi events to alter Altering Cave.
Cheat 2- Use Nintendo wifi events to get the Mystic & Aurora Passes.
Cheat 3- Use Mystic Pass to Go to Navel Rock where you battle Luiga & Ho-Oh.
Cheat 4- Use Aurora Pass to go to Island 9 where you battle Deoxys (Attack forme on FireRed & Defense forme on LeafGreen).

Hint 1- On Nugget Bridge, When you defeat the fifth trainer, save your game and go to the Pokemon center. Trade in the Pokemon that you have with you for your 1 weakest Pokemon. Go back across the bridge and lose the battle to the rocket dude. Go back up there the get more nuggets. (If your money gets low sell a nugget. After you defeat him you cannot get any more nuggets.)
Hint 2- When you get to the S.S. Anne, do not enter the ship! Trade Pokemon with a friend to get Pokemon that know the required HM’s. Then, whenever your Pokemon can use surf, go back to the S.S. Anne, and on the short walkway use surf on the Right side. Go to the right and you will find a dock with a truck on it. Walk or run down to the end of the walk way and use item finder. It should respond and the item is lava cookie.
Hint 3- When you start the game, get 1 of the beginners and when you get your pokedex, catch another Pokemon and trade the starter over to LeafGreen. Repeat the process. The start over once more and get the 1 starter you have not already chosen. Then when you get your pokedex and catch 2 Pokemon. Go to the top floor of the Pokemon center and trade the 2 weaklings for the other 2 starters.
Hint 4- Where important Pokemon or people were standing in the game, after they move, go to their exact position and use item finder. Here is a list of what you would find=
Snorelax- Leftovers
Giovanni- Viridian City Gym, Macho Brace
Mr. Fuji- Pokemon Tower, Soothe Bell
Ho-oh- Sacred Ash
Hint 5- Unlock Mystery Gift by going to a pokemart and filling out the paper with= LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL
Hint 6- To duplicate your items go to island 4, get a Ditto and the Pokemon you want to breed it with. Give the non-Ditto Pokemon the item you want to duplicate run around the island a few times and then talk to the daycare man. Get the egg and hatch it. The Pokemon hatched from the egg should be holding the duplicated item.
Hint 7- To get a shiny Pokemon will take a while. The chances of getting one are 1/8192%.
Hint 8- Aipom, Houndour, Mareep, Pineco, Shuckle, Smeargle, Stantler, Teddiursa, and Zubat are the Pokemon you can run into in altering cave. People without the wireless adapter can only battle wild Zubat. Sorry!
Hint 9- People who give you Pokemon-
Fighting man in Celadon City- Eevee
Man next to rival in Silph Co.- Lapras
Fighting master in Dojo- Hipmonlee or Hipmonchan
Professor Oak- Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle
Hint 10- Where you get the HM’s and TM’s=
HM 1- S.S. Anne- Cut
HM2- House above Cycling Road- Fly
HM 3- Safari Zone- Surf
HM 4- Fuchsia City- Strength
HM 5- Route 2- Flash
HM 6- Island 1- Rock Smash
HM 7- Island 4- Waterfall
TM 1- Focus Punch- Silph Co./floor 5
TM 2- Dragon Claw- Victory Road
TM 3-Water Pulse- Cerulean Gym leader
TM 4- Calm Mind- Saffron Gym leader
TM 5- Roar- Celadon Mart
TM 6- Toxic- Fuchsia Gym leader
Hint 11- Where to get Pokeballs=
Pokeball- Pokemarts in Cities 2, 3, 4, and 5
Great Ball- Pokemarts in Cities 6, 7, and 8
Ultra Ball- Pokemarts in cities 9+
Safari Ball- Safari Zone
Master Ball- Silph Co.
Net Ball- Rocket hideout
Nest Ball- Rocket hideout
Timer Ball- Island 2 mart
Luxury Ball- Lady in Resort Gorgeous
Repeat Ball- Island 2 mart
Dive Ball- Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald
Premier Ball- Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald

I wrote this. I will update it later. Razz

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